Parliament House


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Parliament House - Singapore
Parliament House - Singapore
Parliament House
📍 Singapore
Located in the centre of Singapore's city centre, the Parliament House is the oldest surviving structure in the city. The building has held an array of important functions, from a courthouse to the city's governing parliament building. Parliament House dates back to 1827, when it was built as a courthouse. The building served as the first City Hall offices in 1843, and the current neoclassical grandeur of the building was completed in 1860. The building was restored and declared a National Monument in 1992. Visitors can look forward to viewing the white marble floor, the sloping staircase, and its impressive historical artifacts. Tours are available and free of charge, with audio guides in several languages. Within the Parliament House, you can learn more about Singapore's political and judicial heritage. All visitors of Parliament House must adhere to the dress code of collared shirts and long pants before entering.

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