Park Güell


Park Güell - Spain
Park Güell - Spain
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Park Güell
📍 Spain
Park Güell is an iconic public park located in Barcelona, Spain. Designed by Antonio Gaudi, the Park was originally meant to be a gated residential community, with 60 individual lots for prospective home owners. Construction stopped shortly after its commencement, leading to its being declared a public garden in 1926. It covers an area of 17.18 hectares of land and contains a number of sites of architectural interest complemented by landscaped gardens, such as the multicoloured mosaic salamander—a symbol of Barcelona and one of Gaudi’s most recognised works—the top terrace, the hypostyle room and the famous curved and zig zagging bench. Park Güell also boasts iconic wavy benches, which are set atop stepped stonework and sculpted wall surfaces, giving a unique and whimsical feel. There is no entrance fee to the park apart from a small charge for the upper terrace, where visitors can enjoy stunning views of Barcelona.

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