Panchina gigante


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Panchina gigante - Italy
Panchina gigante - Italy
Panchina gigante
📍 Italy
Todra Gorge is one of Morocco’s most beautiful and breathtaking places, located in the eastern part of High Atlas. Located at the mouth of the river Todra, this 300 meters high gorge is simply breathtaking. The Berber people have built dozens of kasbahs -- fortified residences to protect travelers -- between the sides of the canyon's rocky walls, overlooking the entire gorge. The walls of the gorge offer stunning views, especially when the sun is setting, offering a stunning and unique landscape whenever you go. There are many Berber villages nearby and the area is great for hiking, horseback riding and a traditional Berber experience. Make sure you explore the medinas of Tinghir and Erfoud too. A perfect place to explore the beauty of the Moroccan culture and hospitality!

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