Painted Ladies


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Painted Ladies - から Alamo Square, United States
Painted Ladies - から Alamo Square, United States
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Painted Ladies
📍 から Alamo Square, United States
The Painted Ladies of Alamo Square Park in San Francisco, United States, is one of the most photographed scenes in the entire city. The "ladies" are the colorful Victorian-style homes that line the park's north side. From the park, visitors can enjoy stunning views of the downtown skyline, including the iconic Transamerica Pyramid.

The neighborhood surrounding Alamo Square Park contains several historic Victorian-style homes, known historically as Queen Annes, Italianates, and Stick/Eastlakes. The teal, lavender, and salmon hued Painted Ladies are particularly distinctive and give the neighborhood its name. Visitors can access Alamo Square Park via Central Avenue and Steiner Street. Once in the park, there are two lush grassy areas and a woodsy dell with plenty of cozy spots for picnicking. There are also two playgrounds and a basketball court, should you fancy some sports.

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