Pacific Wheel


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Pacific Wheel - から Santa Monica Pier, United States
Pacific Wheel - から Santa Monica Pier, United States
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Pacific Wheel
📍 から Santa Monica Pier, United States
The Pacific Wheel and Santa Monica Pier is a popular tourist attraction located in Santa Monica, United States. It is a combination of a gigantic Ferris wheel and a traditional pier, offering fun activities and amenities for all ages. The giant wheel is the only solar-powered Ferris wheel in the world and is among the tallest rides of its kind. On Santa Monica Pier, you can enjoy thrilling rides, visit interesting shops and restaurants, and take scenic walks along the pier. The pier also has a Playland arcade and a historic carousel, one of the few remaining carousels along the California coast. The pier also offers magnificent views of the nearby beaches, city, and ocean. It is a popular spot for joggers and bicyclists who can ride or bike the 22-mile strand that links to other coastal beaches. The pier is open throughout the year and has free performances and activities for visitors.

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