Ópera de Valencia


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Ópera de Valencia - Spain
Ópera de Valencia - Spain
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Ópera de Valencia
📍 Spain
The Ópera de Valencia, also known as the Palau de les Arts Reina Sofía, is a performing arts centre located in València, Spain. Constructed between 2005 and 2005, the complex includes 4 auditoriums and 2 exhibition halls, hosting opera, dance and theatre performances, as well as a Drama Cycle, Children's Shows season, and special concerts and other events. It stands as a symbol of València's cultural life, and is of interest to both visitors and photographers alike. During the day, the large glass-and-concrete building offers exterior views of its unique contemporary style; upon nightfall, the entire building is lit, offering an exceptionally captivating sight. Inside, visitors can explore its beautiful rooms, plazas and theatre, enjoying their Gala Events. During non-show days, the Ópera de Valencia offers guided tours and viewing of their collections, which include the Asian Art Museum and the Museum of Historic Decorative Arts.

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