Nam Tin Building


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Nam Tin Building - Hong Kong
Nam Tin Building - Hong Kong
@hoooon - Unsplash
Nam Tin Building
📍 Hong Kong
Nam Tin Building, a twenty storey residential block in the North Point district of Hong Kong, is a popular destination among local photographers. It is the home of many locals and once served as a backdrop for numerous film shootings. Just a 5-minute walk from the MTR Tin Hau Station, this vibrant neighbourhood offers a great view of the cityscape and harbour. There is a promenade, a park, and even some ancient stone walls that stretch across the outskirts of the area. With its bright and colourful surroundings, the Nam Tin Building lets visitors experience the vibe of a classic Hong Kong neighbourhood. Visitors can make their way to the top level of the building, which offers stunning vistas of the cityscape and harbour. Head to the nearby Possession Street for a unique dining experience and visit the small shops for exuberant shopping opportunities.

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