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Murinsel - から Uferpromenade, Austria
Murinsel - から Uferpromenade, Austria
📍 から Uferpromenade, Austria
Murinsel, situated in Graz Austria, is a unique sight for both travelers and photographers. The landmark is built on an artificial island in the Mur River, balancing on pillars and offering some of the most spectacular views of the city. Made from metal and concrete, it was designed to be a landmark of the city and to symbolically brings the two banks of the river together. Climb to the top of the structure to find a café offering hot and cold drinks, unique souvenirs and even a local library. Follow the stairs down to the two connected stages, where you can find artistic performances and take beautiful photographs of the cityscape. Come and experience the charm of Murinsel for the perfect travel and photography experience.

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