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Mühlenkampkanal - から Poelchaukamp, Germany
Mühlenkampkanal - から Poelchaukamp, Germany
📍 から Poelchaukamp, Germany
The Mühlenkampkanal is a picturesque stretch of waterway in the Helgolandsiedlung district of the Alster city area in Hamburg, Germany. The canal, which runs from Eppendorf to the Aussenalster lake, is only 4 km (2.5 miles) long, but its proximity to Hamburg's vibrant city center and numerous attractions make it well worth a visit. Along the canal you'll find cobblestone pathways, an abundance of trees and wildlife, and beautiful stone bridges over the river. You can take a tranquil walk, or cycle along the path for an idyllic tour through peaceful nature. Tour boats offer rides, taking you to some of the most scenic spots in and out of Hamburg. Whether you are looking to relax or explore, the Mühlenkampkanal is the perfect place to visit.

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