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Mountains - から Dyrhólaey Lighthouse, Iceland
Mountains - から Dyrhólaey Lighthouse, Iceland
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📍 から Dyrhólaey Lighthouse, Iceland
Mountains and Dyrhólaey Lighthouse in Vik, Iceland, is an incredible coastal viewpoint. The scenic peninsula, named "the cape of doorholes", is bounded by rugged cliffs which reach up to 120 meters high. A black-sand beach and three rock formations, Háidrangar, formed by erosion, are visible from the lighthouse. Puffins, Gannets, Black guillemots and Fulmars are few of the species of birds found in the area. A 30 minute hike westwards along the promontory bring visitors to the southernmost point of Iceland, a rocky arch which marks the beginning of the volcanic beach. Inside the arch, there are many fascinating caves and some magical rock formations. Hike further and you will find yourself on the black beach, a place for exploring the spectacular coastal edge. Photography enthusiasts will find countless opportunities to capture the stunning beauty of the area.

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