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More Barn - から Angels View Way, United States
More Barn - から Angels View Way, United States
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📍 から Angels View Way, United States
Hiva Oa is an island situated in the South Pacific Ocean that belongs to the French Polynesia. The rugged landscape of the two main islands in the archipelago, Hiva Oa and Tahuata, houses the remains of ancient cultures, lush jungles, and a variety of flora and fauna.

The Hiva Oa Archipelago is known to be the most dramatic of the Marquises and is renowned amongst travelers and photographers of landscapes. The islands feature high volcanic peaks, craggy shorelines, and white beaches among to dramatic bays. The inlets from the islands are home to a range of marine life offering exciting scuba and snorkeling opportunities. Seabirds, such as frigatebirds, noddies, boobies, and tropicbirds, nest on top of cliffs and limestone ridges, so birders and photographers alike can get amazing photo opportunities. The mountains of Hiva Oa are great to explore hiking and will take you over dense jungle-clad hills, often with great views of the ocean and current coastline. So, don't forget your camera! There are also several archaeological sites where you can find the petroglyphs and tiki statues that the early settlers of the Marquises created. Explore Hiva Oa, the secluded and wild Archipelago in the South Pacific, and you won't be disappointed with the incredible beauty and culture of the islands!

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