Monte Clérigo Beach


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Monte Clérigo Beach - から Viewpoint, Portugal
Monte Clérigo Beach - から Viewpoint, Portugal
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Monte Clérigo Beach
📍 から Viewpoint, Portugal
Monte Clerigo Beach is a beautiful and quiet beach located on Portugal’s astounding Algarve Coast. It is a postcard-perfect beach with crystal-clear waters, a white sandy shore, and dramatic cliffs creating a stunning natural backdrop. Monte Clerigo Beach is suitable for swimming, but due to its remote location, nudism is allowed. In addition to the beach, visitors can explore the many pathways leading to breathtaking overlooks, chapel ruins and the 15th-century windmill, Cepo do Corgo, which is great for exploration and photography. Other activities like surfing, bodyboarding and stand-up paddle are also popular. This little corner of paradise is the perfect place to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life, relax and enjoy nature in its truest form!

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