Montaña Cardón


Montaña Cardón - Spain
Montaña Cardón - Spain
Montaña Cardón
📍 Spain
Montaña Cardón is a stunning mountain located in the Montaña Hendida region of Spain. With peaks ranging up to 2050m, it provides stunning views of the region and offers great hikes for those looking to explore the area further. The terrain here is of a mostly volcanic origin finding a mix of volcanic stone and clay. Both provide an interesting and colorful landscape and plenty of opportunities to explore some truly wild and remote areas. The mountain is mostly barren but as you get higher up you can expect to find some more diverse plant life. There are also some small owls and goats living around the area. Montaña Cardón provides some excellent scenery for any photographer, with the views reaching for miles across the lush mountains and valleys.

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