Moldava River


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Moldava River - から Charles Bridge, Czechia
Moldava River - から Charles Bridge, Czechia
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Moldava River
📍 から Charles Bridge, Czechia
Moldava River is the most important river flowing through the stunning city of Prague, Czechia. It serves as its main source of transport and leisure activities, making it the perfect spot for tourists who wish to explore the city on foot or by boat. This romantic and picturesque river is home to many of Prague's landmarks, such as Charles Bridge Jewish Quarter, Prague Castle, and U Obecniho nearby. Take a peaceful walk along the river and enjoy some of the finest views of the city. From a helicopter, you can see the long stretch of the river winding through the city, creating an awe-inspiring panorama. The banks of the Moldava River also feature some of Prague’s great parks and historical sites, creating a really memorable experience for those who are coming to visit.

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