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Mittenwald - から Obermarkt, Germany
Mittenwald - から Obermarkt, Germany
📍 から Obermarkt, Germany
Cape Pillar is located on the south-west coast Tasman Peninsula, in Tasmania, Australia. It is the northernmost point of the Tasman National Park and offers spectacular views of the Southern Ocean and the coastline. The area includes sheer sea cliffs, which are up to 200 m (650 ft) tall, reaching up to a maximum height of roughly 350 m (1150 ft). These cliffs form part of the highest sea cliffs in the Southern Hemisphere.

The cliffs constitute a scenic wonder that draws admirers from around the world. The views from the top of the cliffs are simply breathtaking and make for a great photo opportunity. There are multiple lookout points located along cliff tops offering visually stunning sights and breathtaking sunsets. The surrounding waters are a part of the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area, which is home to a wide variety of marine mammals including seals, sea lions and whales. Cape Pillar is also a particularly important breeding site for the little penguin, a species of penguin native to Tasmania. Cape Pillar offers some of the best coastal walks and hikes in Tasmania, taking hikers on a journey across craggy coastline and isolated islands. The climbing opportunities are abundant around the coast, offering a great adrenaline rush. Perfect for adventurers, nature lovers and photo enthusiasts, Cape Pillar offers an unforgettable experience that will captivate people of all ages. It's a place to explore the depths of the Tasman Wilderness and reconnect with nature.

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