Mirador des Pontàs


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Mirador des Pontàs - Spain
Mirador des Pontàs - Spain
Mirador des Pontàs
📍 Spain
The Mirador des Pontàs is a beautiful and natural spot located in Santañy, Spain. With stunning views overlooking the Mediterranean sea, it makes for an enjoyable, albeit strenuous, hiking experience. Taking a route that offers many incredible viewpoints, the Mirador des Pontàs is accessible on foot or by car, it's a great option for visitors looking to explore and snap some beautiful photos. The trail of Mirador des Pontàs, while steep in some parts, passes through lush green meadows and cork forests. The pine forests give an extra special touch to this landscape, and in spring and summertime, the meadows are filled with beautiful blooming wildflowers. It's the perfect place for a nature walk or a picnic in the sunshine!

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