Minnesota State Capitol


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Minnesota State Capitol - United States
Minnesota State Capitol - United States
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Minnesota State Capitol
📍 United States
The Minnesota State Capitol in Saint Paul, United States is the seat of government in the state of Minnesota and one of the most beautiful Neo-Classical Revival architectural landmarks in the United States. It's an impressive building made predominantly of Minnesota granite, with a majestic cupola at its centre. As you wander around its grand corridors, admire the unique marble floors, mural-filled walls and sculptures of the state's historical figures. On the grounds, be sure to check out the two-story limestone pillars, reflecting pools and terraces. Explore the gardens and take in the sweeping views of downtown Saint Paul. There are many guided tours available, in which you can learn about the state's legislative process, art and more. Don’t forget to come back at night to admire the capitol’s illuminations.

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