Minnehaha Falls


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Minnehaha Falls - United States
Minnehaha Falls - United States
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Minnehaha Falls
📍 United States
Minnehaha Falls is located in Minneapolis, USA. It consists of a 53-foot waterfall on Minnehaha Creek, which flows into the Mississippi River. The falls are a well-known local attraction and a popular tourist destination. It is surrounded by Minnehaha Regional Park, with plenty of trails for hikers and bikers alike, as well as plenty of areas to explore. Visitors will also find a charming old-fashioned stone bridge and walkway. From the top of the falls, visitors can get a great view of the city and surrounding areas. The park also houses a ceremonial council ring, giving visitors the opportunity to explore the area's cultural and spiritual significance. A great way to explore the falls is by kayak or canoe, giving visitors the chance to get up close and personal with the river and its many features.

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