Merlion Park


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Merlion Park - Singapore
Merlion Park - Singapore
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Merlion Park
📍 Singapore
Merlion Park is a waterfront park in Singapore, and home of the 8.6 metre tall Merlion statue. It is a popular tourist attraction and adds an iconic symbol to the beautiful skyline of Singapore. At the heart of the park stands the Merlion, half lion and half fish which symbolizes the origin of Singapore's name, which literally means "Lion City" in Malay. The Park is also home to tropical rainforest and a walkway, a perfect spot for a leisurely stroll by the sea. There are multiple lookout points along the park, making it a great spot to admire the wonderful views of the Marina Bay and its skyline. Here you will also find a variety of activities such as light shows, musical fountain, Merlion shows, and a few eateries for a snack. Visit Merlion Park and explore the legend of Singapore.

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