Mer de Glace


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Mer de Glace - France
Mer de Glace - France
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Mer de Glace
📍 France
The Mer de Glace, located in the beautiful town of Chamonix in France, is one of Europe's largest glaciers. As the highest mountain range in Europe, the Mont Blanc Massif rises above the glacier creating a splendid backdrop. The Mer de Glace is a popular sightseeing destination, where visitors can admire its majestic beauty while taking a leisurely walk along its terrace. Visitors can also take a cable car as far as the middle of the glacier, and then walk a short distance to reach its summit.

The glacier is meticulously monitored and its rate of recession faithfully recorded over the past century. It has even become a worryingly clear beacon of climate change. Nevertheless the Mer de Glace, with its crevasse-filled glistening surface, will never cease to move and astound its observers.

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