Marina Bay Sands Hotel


Marina Bay Sands Hotel - から Terrace, Singapore
Marina Bay Sands Hotel - から Terrace, Singapore
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Marina Bay Sands Hotel
📍 から Terrace, Singapore
The Marina Bay Sands Hotel in Singapore is an iconic landmark and a must-see for visitors. It has a unique, futuristic design and stands 200 meters above the bay. It is the most famous and photographed building in Singapore and one of the world's most iconic skyline locations. The iconic infinity pool is exclusively for hotel guests, but the guests of the hotel also have access to the impressive Skypark which only adds to the beauty. One of the most interesting features is the Garden by the Bay, a vast and spectacular garden filled with exotic plants, trees, and sculptures. It features a time-travel exhibition, a children's garden, a luscious green of tropical vegetation, an incredible observation tower, and a live bird show. Inside, you can find a casino, a theatre, world-class restaurants, a shopping mall, and a luxurious spa. Marina Bay Sands Hotel is an unforgettable experience for visitors, offering unforgettable views and a unique atmosphere.

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