Maison du Roi


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Maison du Roi - から Grand Place, Belgium
Maison du Roi - から Grand Place, Belgium
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Maison du Roi
📍 から Grand Place, Belgium
Maison du Roi is a grandiose palace situated in the center of majestic Bruxelles, Belgium. It was constructed to serve as the residence of the Duke of Brabant. In addition to its luxurious interiors, the palace is renowned for its gorgeous courtyard and its monumental gothic facade. Inside, visitors can find the famous Treasury, with an impressive collection of jewels and precious ornaments, as well as several historical artifacts, including royal furniture, dresses, and paintings. The palace also offers guided tours showing the richness and history of Belgian monarchy. Maison du Roi is a magnificent spot for sightseeing and a great spot for taking some shots of its neo-gothic architecture.

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