Lotus Pond


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Lotus Pond - Taiwan
Lotus Pond - Taiwan
Lotus Pond
📍 Taiwan
Lotus Pond is a beautiful, man-made lake surrounded by hills that make for a stunning, tranquil setting. It's located in Zuoying District, Taiwan and is a popular tourist spot all year round. A great way to get the most out of this scenery is by taking a boat tour around the lake. This will give visitors an up-close look at its lotus ponds, brilliant bridges and centuries-old temples. In addition, they'll get to tour a variety of gorgeous smaller ponds and temples sprinkled throughout the lake district, as well as a lush nature park. Visitors can also enjoy a variety of activities such as exploring the variety of restaurants and shops. Whether you're looking for a peaceful day out or a unique insight into Taiwanese culture, the Lotus Pond is definitely worth exploring.

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