Lost Lake


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Lost Lake - United States
Lost Lake - United States
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Lost Lake
📍 United States
Lost Lake in Eldora, United States, is a beautiful and scenic lake in the Rocky Mountains with a wide range of activities to enjoy. Glistening pearls of water amid snow-covered peaks are enough to take your breath away. At an elevation of around 11,000 feet, visitors look out at incredible mountain views while they hike the trails around the lake. The trails offer options of an easy to moderate difficulty and are open depending on snow conditions. At the lake’s edge, anglers cast their lines out in hopes of catching some of the lake’s numerous trout, while wildlife like elk, deer, and moose can be spotted in the surrounding forest. Lost Lake also has a campground with a limited number of sites and numerous cabins available for rent. Take a dip in the lake or explore nearby Nordic trails for a truly unique experience.

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