Logis Royal


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 Logis Royal - France
Logis Royal - France
Logis Royal
📍 France
Logis Royal, an iconic 15th century palace located in the quaint town of Loches, France, is a must-see for any traveler. With its imposing entrance gate, moats and towers, it boasts a striking appearance that immediately draws attention. Inside, explore the fortress' elegant stonework, Renaissance courtyards, and furniture, tapestries and sculptures from the days of French Kings. Located in the high castle, the salle des gardes with huge Romanesque windows displays a beautiful view of Loches. Admire the incredible intricacies of the spiral staircase, the oldest of its kind in Europe, and wander the dungeons for a true sense of history. With its grandeur and beauty, Logis Royal is an architectural marvel.

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