Loba Capitolina


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Loba Capitolina - Spain
Loba Capitolina - Spain
Loba Capitolina
📍 Spain
The Loba Capitolina, an impressive stone monument, stands in the Plaza Mayor of the ancient city of Segovia. This 8-meter-tall sculpture dates back to 1784 and was built by sculptor Francisco Gutierrez, replacing an earlier sculpture from the 15th century. The statue commemorates the reconquest of Madrid by King Alfonso VI of Castile in 1085 and shows a female lion, considered a symbol of Segovia. The statue stands atop a large pedestal which is inscribed with the Latin motto, “me regem habentem Madrid reddidi” meaning “I returned Madrid to its king”. Despite the constant exposure to the elements, the base of the Loba Capitolina remains in excellent condition and is a spectular sight.

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