Lincoln Cathedral


Lincoln Cathedral - から Inside, United Kingdom
Lincoln Cathedral - から Inside, United Kingdom
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Lincoln Cathedral
📍 から Inside, United Kingdom
Lincoln Cathedral is an impressive Gothic cathedral with an impressive presence in the City of Lincoln in England, UK. With construction beginning in 1088, the cathedral is the fourth tallest church in the world and home to the second tallest spire in the world. It is renowned for its tall, slender towers and intricately decorated spires, as well as for its exterior and interior features, including its sculpted bosses, and its stained glass, 13th century Chapter House, and stone tracery within. The building also houses the Lincoln Imp, a carved figure that is said to bring luck to those who touch it. The cathedral is home to a thriving worship community, and also hosts a variety of concerts and other events. Today, the cathedral is a top tourist destination, where visitors can explore and learn about its impressive history.

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