Li River


Li River - から Viewpoint, China
Li River - から Viewpoint, China
Li River
📍 から Viewpoint, China
The Li River is one of the most beautiful and iconic natural wonders of the world. The 83 kilometer-long river, located in the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region in southern China, boasts lush green landscapes that are dotted with large and small karst limestone peaks. These unique formations have inspired generations of Chinese painters and writers throughout history, who have dubbed the Li River "the most beautiful river in the world." There is no better way to explore this beauty than in one of the traditional bamboo boats that local fishermen use to ferry passengers along the river. Along the journey, you can soak up the stunning views, visit the ancient villages, marvel at the sheer limestone cliffs, and spot diverse wildlife. On a clear day, the sun also glimmers off the water's surface, creating a surreal and picturesque sight.

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