Le Duche`


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Le Duche` - から Uzès Castle, France
Le Duche` - から Uzès Castle, France
Le Duche`
📍 から Uzès Castle, France
The beautifully preserved stronghold that is the Le Duche` and Uzès Castle has dominated the skyline of Uzès for centuries. Originally constructed in 1218, the castle was extensively refurbished during the major renovation of 1613 and today stands as a grand monument to the past. Guests can wander the ramparts atop the castle walls, stroll through the castle grounds, and take in the majestic entrance to the castle. Within the castle itself, a remarkable immersive experience awaits visitors, taking them through the region’s history and architecture. There is also an impressive museum inside, which showcases impressive collections from the area. Visitors will find many photo opportunities around the castle grounds, from wide sweeping views across the town to more intimate images of the cobbled stone stairs and ancient stones.

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