Lantau Peak


Lantau Peak - から Trail, Hong Kong
Lantau Peak - から Trail, Hong Kong
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Lantau Peak
📍 から Trail, Hong Kong
Lantau Peak is an iconic hill in Hong Kong offering breathtaking views of the city's jagged skyline, the surrounding islands and the South China Sea. At 934 metres above sea level, it is the highest mountain in the region. The most popular way to get to the peak is hiking, however there is an opportunity to take a cable car ride to the top as well. The hike usually takes 3-4 hours round trip, which is a great way to explore the beauty of Lantau Island and its dense forest. Visitors should make sure to check the weather forecast before the trip as the top of the hill may be foggy or even snow on cold winter days. There are several camp sites and maintenance huts along the way to provide a comfortable rest and a pick nick spot. On top of the peak, travelers can visit the famous Big Buddha and the Po Lin Monastery, two of the most famous religious landmarks in Hong Kong.

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