Lago del Espejo


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Lago del Espejo - から Trail, Spain
Lago del Espejo - から Trail, Spain
Lago del Espejo
📍 から Trail, Spain
Lago del Espejo, in Nuévalos, Spain, is an urban mountain lake set high in the hills of the Calatayud-Daroca region on the Iberian Peninsula. It looks like an emerald in the midst of the Sierra de la Demanda Mountains and is framed by a backdrop of limestone cliffs. Surrounded by a tangle of vegetation, this beautiful place is a favourite for photographers, offering stunning views of the lake, mountains and its unique biodiversity. Dazzling reflections of the sun on the lake’s pristine waters also provides an enjoyable experience. Nature enthusiasts can also explore the lake's hidden depths and discover its plentiful fish, turtles, and other aquatic species. Visitors can stroll along the various trails surrounding the lake or head off to the nearby Nuévalos Illano River Valley. There is a great opportunity to sample the region's delicious local cuisine here.

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