Lac Vert


Lac Vert - France
Lac Vert - France
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Lac Vert
📍 France
Just outside of the charming French village of Passy, a stunning lake known as Lac Vert offers visitors a place of beauty and tranquillity. The lake is a perfect spot for an idyllic picnic, a leisurely stroll, a canoeing adventure or even a bathing session on a hot summer day. Visitors can explore the lake's idyllic shores, swim in the nearby outdoor pool, and observe the incredible wildlife. The area is also part of the Regional Natural Reserve of the Haute-Tarentaise and it is home to a large colony of swans. The reserve also serves as a connecting point between the Regional National Park of Vanoise and the National Park of the Ecrins. Lac Vert is the perfect destination to discover the breathtaking French mountain scenery and become one with nature.

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