Lac Léman


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Lac Léman - から Stairs, Switzerland
Lac Léman - から Stairs, Switzerland
Lac Léman
📍 から Stairs, Switzerland
Lac Léman, or Lake Geneva, is a large body of water that sits in a natural bowl on the border between France and Switzerland. It has a total area of over 582 square kilometers, making it the largest lake in Central Europe. Many small towns and resorts lie around its shore, including Nyon, a chic French-speaking town on the Swiss side. In Nyon, visitors can explore the old city, with its cobblestone streets, churches, and beautiful neoclassical mansions. Boat tours of the lake can be taken from several resorts, giving a great view of the 42 changing-named islands in the lake. The promenade along the seaside is also ideal for a leisurely stroll, filled with plenty of opportunities for picture-taking. The lake's clear waters make it great for swimming, windsurfing, and sailing. It's also a great place to try out the local freshwater fish specialties.

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