La Venecia Valenciana


La Venecia Valenciana - Spain
La Venecia Valenciana - Spain
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La Venecia Valenciana
📍 Spain
La Venecia Valenciana, located in the Spanish port city of Port Saplaya, is a scenic fishing village with a unique architectural style reminiscent of Venice. A colorful collection of bright white and pastel-colored houses line a network of canals filled with bobbing boats. Take a stroll along the boardwalk and admire the quaint boats in the inviting waters, or explore the maze of narrow cobblestone streets and cobbled pathways. Carp fishermen often ply their wares here and shops, cafes, and restaurants line the streets. Sit by the harbor and watch the boats coming and going, or explore the nearby beaches for swimming in the Mediterranean Sea. Venture inland for a few hours and visit the nearby city of Valencia, where you can explore its fascinating history, architecture, and culture. For an unforgettable day trip from Port Saplaya, take the ferry across the water to the coves and lagoons around the Albufera Natural Park.

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