La Dune Blanche


La Dune Blanche - Unknown
La Dune Blanche - Unknown
La Dune Blanche
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La Dune Blanche, or White Dune, is a stunning sand dune located in the desert of Dakhla in Morocco. The sand dune is an impressive sight, with its white color contrasting the orange tones of the surrounding desert. It is an ideal spot to take in the beauty of the Sahara, as well as to partake in some fun activities. One exciting activity is "sandboarding", which involves sliding down the dune on a special board. You can also explore the local wildlife of the area, such as colourful lizards and birds. La Dune Blanche is just a short drive away from the city of Dakhla, and is easily accessible from most accommodation. Be sure to check the local sands, as the dune can be dangerous at times and terrain can change quickly.

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