La Dora


La Dora - から Piazza CLN, Italy
La Dora - から Piazza CLN, Italy
La Dora
📍 から Piazza CLN, Italy
La Dora and Piazza CLN in Torino, Italy, are two significant historical sites. La Dora is an iconic baroque fountain located outside the Galleria Sabauda and is a popular tourist attraction. It is the epicentre of the Piazza CLN, which is the largest square in the city and is surrounded by many important landmarks such as the Teatro Regio, the Mole Antonelliana, the Museum of Cinema, the Church of San Filippo Neri, and the Palazzo Carignano. During the day, the area is perfect for people watching as it is bustling with activity, but it becomes a special metropolis at night – when the area lights up to create a romantic and magical atmosphere. If you’re visiting Torino, Piazza CLN and La Dora are must-see locations and will be a highlight of any tourist’s experience.

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