La Clerecía


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La Clerecía - から Terrace, Spain
La Clerecía - から Terrace, Spain
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La Clerecía
📍 から Terrace, Spain
La Clerecía is an impressive example of a baroque architectural complex in so-called "Salamanca Plateresque" style, situated in the Old City of Salamanca, Spain. Built in the XVII century, it was the college for the Jesuits, and nowadays it is a university building. At first glance, the walls of this wonderful building create a feeling of serenity and peace, it is such an impressive site to visit and admire! Inside, you will find multiple courtyards and arches and galleries full of sculptures, frescoes and other decorations. Be sure to take some time to explore the Plazuela, a square located in the middle of this building, and the extravagant torre del homenaje in its center. La Clerecía is a must-see when in Salamanca, bringing to life the marvelous culture and heritage of this captivating city.

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