La Albuera Fields


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La Albuera Fields - Spain
La Albuera Fields - Spain
La Albuera Fields
📍 Spain
La Albuera Fields is an important historical area, located near the town of Bayona in Extremadura, Spain. It is the site of a famous battle of the Peninsular War, that took place on May 16th, 1811. The battle was fought between a French Army, commanded by Marshal Soult, and a British-Portuguese-Spanish Army, commanded by General Beresford. Both armies suffered heavy losses in the bloody fighting and decided to withdraw, ending the battle in a draw. The battlefield and cemetery are open to visitors and offer guided tours. The Field of La Albuera has been declared a National Monument, and features a museum dedicated to the battle, along with monuments and memorials commemorating the fallen soldiers. You can still find evidence of the battle, such as cannons and fragments from the British and French lines. It is a great place for military historians and people interested in the Peninsular War.

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