Konnos Bay


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Konnos Bay - から Cliff Bar, Cyprus
Konnos Bay - から Cliff Bar, Cyprus
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Konnos Bay
📍 から Cliff Bar, Cyprus
Konnos Bay, located in the resort town of Protaras, is a stunningly picturesque area of natural beauty. Perfectly tucked away between two rocky cliffs, the bay is teeming with crystal-clear waters, a spectacular stretch of white sand, and an abundance of lush Mediterranean greenery. Whether you’re looking to unwind, soak up some sunshine, take a dip, or explore the adjacent natural cave, Konnos Bay is sure to be the highlight of your time in Cyprus. Take a leisurely stroll around the cove, keep your eyes peeled for bright-colored fish and octopus in the shallows, and experience the unique beauty of Konnos Bay for yourself!

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