Knarraros Lighthouse


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Knarraros Lighthouse - から Parking, Iceland
Knarraros Lighthouse - から Parking, Iceland
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Knarraros Lighthouse
📍 から Parking, Iceland
Knarraros Lighthouse is situated in Stokkseyri, Iceland and is one of the oldest lighthouses in the country. It was first lit in the 19th century to protect the fishermen from shipwrecks in the nearby Breiðafjörður bay. Today, it still serves that purpose, but it also a popular tourist attraction, surrounded by beautiful scenery. A winding path leads you to the top, where visitors can admire stunning views of the coast, the glacial mountain Vatnajökull, and other lighthouses in the area, including one right across Stokkseyri. At the foot of the lighthouse, there's a small rock beach, where bird-watchers can spot numerous seabirds and the Atlantic Puffin. The lighthouse can also be accessed during the night, when the views are even more breathtaking, enhanced by the full moon.

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