Japantown Peace Plaza


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Japantown Peace Plaza - United States
Japantown Peace Plaza - United States
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Japantown Peace Plaza
📍 United States
The Japantown Peace Plaza in San Francisco is the heart of the Bay Area's Japanese-American community. Located in the city's Japantown neighborhood, it was created in 1969 to remember the sacrifices of Japanese-Americans in WWII and to celebrate the legacy of the community. It features a Peace Pagoda, erected in 1968 to honor the peace movement, as well as a Japanese garden, koi pond, the Peace Prayer Fountain, and a Japanese teahouse. Here you can find a variety of shops selling traditional Japanese goods, restaurants offering delicious Japanese cuisine, and cultural events throughout the year. On any given day, you can take a leisurely stroll in this vibrant and peaceful spot, take in the art and architecture, and observe the bustling street life.

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