Irene Hixon Whitney Bridge


Irene Hixon Whitney Bridge - United States
Irene Hixon Whitney Bridge - United States
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Irene Hixon Whitney Bridge
📍 United States
The Irene Hixon Whitney Bridge is a pedestrian and bicycle bridge in Minneapolis, United States. Located over I-94 and the Mississippi River, it is one of the most impressive sights in the city. The bridge was designed by Spanish architect and engineer Santiago Calatrava and was completed in 2008. The bridge features a 13-story frame of curved steel beams, which casts asymmetrical patterns of light and shadow over the river. At night, it's lit up in different colors, creating a stunning light show. The deck of the bridge includes pedestrian and bike paths, as well as many unique seating areas with views of the city. On one side of the bridge is the historic Mill Ruins Park and on the other is the less-famous but equally lovely Boom Island Park. Visitors can take in the beauty of the bridge while enjoying a relaxing stroll along the riverfront.

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