Index Tower


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Index Tower - から Below, United Arab Emirates
Index Tower - から Below, United Arab Emirates
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Index Tower
📍 から Below, United Arab Emirates
Index Tower is a modern icon located in the commercial center of Dubai, featuring two iconic mixed-use towers. Designed by SOM, the tallest building in the Dubai International Financial Center, it stands at 354 meters and is part of the Dubai skyline. It houses corporate offices, luxury apartments, and a five-star hotel. The iconic twisted design of the tower creates a dramatic silhouette, making it one of the most photographed buildings in the city. The Index Tower features a variety of luxurious amenities and services for its tenants and residents, including fire detectors and access control systems, climate control systems, and an outdoor pool, gardens, and a luxury gym. The public also enjoy access to the Sky Lobby located on the 73rd floor, offering spectacular views of the city.

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