Illa Pancha Lighthouse


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Illa Pancha Lighthouse - Spain
Illa Pancha Lighthouse - Spain
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Illa Pancha Lighthouse
📍 Spain
Illa Pancha Lighthouse is a beautiful and unique structure situated in the small Spanish port town of Ribadeo. Built in 1847, it is the only lighthouse in the world that was built not on a cliff, but on a small island. This island, known as Isla Pancha, is located just off the coast of the town, and is linked to the mainland by an old stone bridge. This impressive structure stands at around 28 metres high, and its shape is designed to maximize visibility for the vessels passing nearby. From the viewpoint on the bridge that connects the lighthouse to the town, you can appreciate the magnificence of its structure, as well as the stunning views of the estuary. Even though you can’t enter the lighthouse itself, it is definitely worth a visit.

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