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Illa Pancha - から Viewpoint, Spain
Illa Pancha - から Viewpoint, Spain
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Illa Pancha
📍 から Viewpoint, Spain
The Wieliczka Salt Mine, located in the southern Polish town of Wieliczka, is a remarkable destination infamous for its winding underground corridors and magical salt-carved sculptures. Founded in the 13th century, the 500-foot-deep mine contains a chapel, organized tours and an ever-changing spectrum of light and color. Visitors can explore entire sections of the mine that are carved entirely out of salt, including an underground salt lake and dazzling chambers studded with chandeliers and ornately carved banisters. The mine also has nine levels of galleries and three levels of tourist trails, providing plenty of memories and photo ops. Don't miss out on sampling the mine's air full of brine — a beloved local remedy for ailments relating to the upper respiratory tract.

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