Iglica and Hala Stulecia


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Iglica and Hala Stulecia - Poland
Iglica and Hala Stulecia - Poland
Iglica and Hala Stulecia
📍 Poland
Mesa Verde National Park in Colorado is a stunning area that enthralls and entices explorers since it was first discovered in the late 19th century. This national park and World Heritage site is home to the exceptional cliff dwellings and other archaeological sites that were built by the Ancestral Pueblo people and are over 700 years old! The park boasts 16 miles of trails for experienced and inexperienced hikers, with some of the largest network of cliff dwellings in North America to be seen in their ancient alcoves. Witnessing marvellous mesas, pinnacles and spires, and enjoying the abundant wildlife are among the activities that can be undertaken here. There is a visitors centre that provides information and guided tours, or explore with an audio guide and self-guided tour guide. There are also many moments to savour the captivating landscape and take in its spectacular beauty.

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アプリからルート情報 (車、徒歩、公共交通機関など) などを入手できます。無料でダウンロードしてください!