Howth Lighthouse


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Howth Lighthouse - Ireland
Howth Lighthouse - Ireland
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Howth Lighthouse
📍 Ireland
Howth Lighthouse is located on the Howth Peninsula in Dublin, Ireland. The lighthouse stands atop a rocky cliff and overlooks the Irish Sea. It was first lit in 1840 and is now a navigational aid for passing ships. Visitors can access the rock ledge near the top of the lighthouse, which is the most popular spot for photography. From the lighthouse, you can see the picturesque village of Howth and the Irish Sea in the background. Make sure to explore the other stunning views around the area to capture some stunning photos. Take a leisurely walk around the nearby Howth Head, enjoy a light bite at the local harbour, or simply take in the incredible scenery from the lighthouse. No matter what you do, Howth Lighthouse and its surrounds will provide a memorable experience in Dublin.

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