Howth Lighthouse


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Howth Lighthouse - から W Pier Street, Ireland
Howth Lighthouse - から W Pier Street, Ireland
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Howth Lighthouse
📍 から W Pier Street, Ireland
The Howth Lighthouse is located on the north-eastern edge of Howth Head on the peninsula of Howth in Dublin, Ireland. The lighthouse, built in 1815, is at the entrance of Dublin Bay, one of the two main ports of the country, the other being Cork. It is a 7-storey octagonal tower standing 33 metres tall. Two floors of the lighthouse are open to the public, who can admire the stunning views of the coast and Dublin city. There is also a beacon at the top that can be seen from as far as 28 kilometers. Howth Lighthouse is surrounded by beautiful gardens and a memorial to the crew of an Air India Airbus A230 that tragically crashed nearby in 2008. The area also has lovely walking and hiking trails and an abundance of wildlife.

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