Hollywood Sign


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Hollywood Sign - から Drone, United States
Hollywood Sign - から Drone, United States
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Hollywood Sign
📍 から Drone, United States
Rouen is located in Normandy, France, around 100 miles away from Paris. Rouen is renowned for its centuries of architecture and rich trade history. Its numerous monuments, sculptures and cathedrals are spectacular sights, as well as the old city walls and towers that once formed its medieval defences. The Notre Dame Cathedral is particularly impressive, with its Gothic style, soaring spires and beautiful stained glass windows. There are stunning narrow cobbled streets to explore, while the museums and art galleries showcase the city’s fascinating past, including a world-famous painting by Monet. In the summer months, boat trips can be taken down the River Seine, passing beneath the famous bridges. Rouen also offers some great shopping, with its many boutiques, markets, and wonderful food around every corner. From outdoor activities to eateries and from historical monuments to cultural events, Rouen is worthy of your next visit.

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