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Hohenzollernbrücke - から KölnTriangle, Germany
Hohenzollernbrücke - から KölnTriangle, Germany
@clens90 - Unsplash
📍 から KölnTriangle, Germany
The Hohenzollernbrücke (High Emperor's Bridge) is a road bridge crossing the Rhine River in Köln, Germany. Constructed between 1907 and 1911, it is one of the most iconic landmarks of the city and a must-see for any visitor. It is also among the most-photographed bridges in Germany, due to its neo-Renaissance design, featuring four large sandstone arches, four ornate stone statues, and numerous coats-of-arms. The statues represent commerce, industry, agriculture and fishing, while the coats-of-arms honor the imperial Prussian family of Hohenzollern. A short walk across the bridge provides great views of both sides of the Rhine River, and allows for some great street and skyline photography. A pedestrian-only bridge situated just next to it further enhances the photo opportunities. Don't forget to take some time to fully appreciate the bridge itself and take some photographs from the riverbank.

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